Chapter 2

Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

[Section 4(1)(b)(ii)]


To conduct meetings of the Authority within the jurisdiction of Hoskote Planning Authority. To sign contract or agreement on behalf of Authority. He will be the chairman for all the committees constituted by the Authority from time to time

Member Secretary
Joint Director of Town & Country Planning will be the Member Secretary for Hoskote Planning Authority

  1. Subject to the general powers of the Planning Authority and without prejudice to the powers of the Chairman under this Act, the Member- Secretary to the Planning Authority shall,—

    (a) be the Chief Executive and Technical Officer of the PlanningAuthority;
    (b) be responsible for all budgetary, planning, enforcement andsupervisory functions of the Planning Authority;
    (c) furnish to the Planning Authority all the information relating to theadministration and accounts of the Authority as well as other matterswhenever called upon by the Authority to do so;
    (d) Prepare and submit the Annual Reports and audited accounts of the Planning Authority for its approval within three months of the close ofevery financial year and thereafter submit copies of the same to the Board,the Director and the State Government.

  2. If, in the opinion of the Member-Secretary, any resolution passed bythe Planning Authority contravenes any provisions of this Act or any otherlaw or of any rule, notification, regulation or bye-law made or issued underthis Act or any other law or any order passed by the State Government or itis prejudicial or detrimental to the interests of the Planning Authority, heshall, within fifteen days of the passing of such resolution refer the matter tothe State Government through the Director for orders and inform thePlanning Authority at its next meeting of the action taken by him and untilthe orders of the State Government on such reference are received, theMember-Secretary of the Planning Authority shall not be bound to giveeffect to the resolution.]1

DeputyDirectorof Town & Country Planning

DeputyDirector of Town & Country Planninglooks after the work at the Authority and co-ordinates with the Member Secretary in carrying out the activities related to town planning, administration and accounts.

 Assistant Director of Town & Country Planning

Assistant Director of Town & Country Planning looks after the work at the Authority and co-ordinates with the Member Secretaryand Deputy Director in carrying out the activities related to town planning, administration and accounts.

Technical Assistant

The day-to-day technical issues are to be scrutinized by them and submitted to the higher officer for approval.


The day-to-day office administration Work, Accounts Maintenance & Typing Works.
After getting approval by the authority the updating of approvals through E-vinyasa and approval procedure to be made and day to day work of typing works.
Typing work both in Kannada and English.

Group ‘D’ Employees

Group ‘D’ employees work as per instructions given by the officers in moving files between sections, cleaning of premises etc.,

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